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    Equarius = Equity + Aquarius

    ESG is integral to corporate financial decisions impacting operational efficiency and cost of capital. We are a bespoke/SaaS company focused on pricing real time insights of asset-level climate water risk in securities for corporate financial risk management decisions and financial index designs in compliance with TCFD. Our waterBeta platform allows for OPEX and CAPEX risk analysis investment decisions by facilities- and C-suite executives.


    Climate water risk encompasses access, floods, supply chain and logistics disruptions. By capturing fixed asset (PP&E) and operations (P&L) risk, our AI/ML platform allows for determining shadow pricing strategies, risk ranking of facilities, risk management simulations and climate risk-adjusted CAPM valuations. Our patent-pending algorithms were licensed from the University of Michigan with full right of use for all regions and all applications.

    Our Partners

    ERA collaborates with global public corporations, index providers, data service companies, and financial asset managers to provide solutions that align corporate water risk exposures with corporate and capital markets financial metrics to facilitate risk underwriting and portfolio management.

  • waterBeta Intelligence

    Valuing Operational and Fixed Asset Climate Water Risks through P&L and Market metrics

  • waterBeta Platform

    Connecting operational efficiency to financial outcomes and market premiums



    Water use efficiency as a resource input for revenue or sales growth and facility operations.



    Geographic impact of water access, floods, supply chains and water-based logistics on facility impairment or stranding


    Risk Valuation

    AI/ML models for shadow pricing, P&L impacts, CAPM adjustments for borrowing, and risk management.



    Disclosure of climate and water resilience data, communication of financial risk and mitigation strategies.


    Equity Pricing

    waterBeta-adjusted risk pricing and indexing models for institutional water investment strategies.

  • waterBeta Product Description

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  • Climate Water Risk in OPEX and CAPEX

    Risk Pricing of Water for Climate Transitioning of Global Equities

    Benchmarking & Ranking of Corporate and Facility Risk

    Water productivity economics

    Each company's regional asset and operational exposure to water and weather risk is quantified in a financial context to understand asset intensity and risk relative to sales, operating profit, and fixed asset investments.

    Shadow Pricing Strategies

    Opportunity cost from water exposures

    Focus on quantifying revenue and direct cost impacts from risk exposures to water availability and quality fluctuations by facility and across the corporation. These data provide insights in the internal cost of business under water constraints.and exposures.

    Climate Water Risk-Adjusted Cost of Capital

    Financial and unstructured data analysis

    Financial risk assessment of climate-induced water risk at the facility and corporate level have implications for internal cost of capital pricing, and investments for risk management strategies. Estimates of quarterly CAPM analysis are calculated. 

    Financial Market Disclosures

    Informed decisions for active and passive managers

    Company-specific proprietary waterBeta serves to understand volatility risk premiums in portfolios, and can be structured to adjust/tilt allocations to uncover alpha in industry verticals. We design, test, and license indices.

    Climate Water Risk Management Simulations

    Actionable financial intelligence for CRM

    Exploration of management options and simulations for risk mitigation at facility and corporate level. This module allows for exploring the financial impact of investment strategies and risk transfer mechanisms.

  • Corporate Coverage

    Equities and Indexes in US - Europe - Japan

    All Sectors - All Market Cap Sizes

    Our data platforms and AI/ML tools allow us to capture all GICS sectors and market sizes.with facility-level granularity

  • Management Team

    Peter Adriaens PhD PE

    Cofounder and CEO

    Corporate strategic and operational vision; Product design strategy; Partnership development and execution.

    Iulia Mogosanu MBA

    Product Development

    Risk management and corporate financials, UniCredit Bank; Huron River Ventures; Amazon; Lurie Commercialization Fund

    Tad Slawecki MS

    Information Architect

    Software Development: VaR analytics; Database architecture design; Python/Java; GIS models; Machine learning

    Kirsten Carr, PhD

    Full Stack Development

    Software strategy and development, UI/UX design, Engineering analysis;

    Greg Peterson MS

    Cofounder and COO

    Operations management and strategic decision-making; Executive VP of LimnoTech

  • Advisory Board

    Paul Freedman


    co-Founder of LimnoTech; Past President, Water Environment Federation; 40 years of corporate/public business development

    Tim Dekker


    President of LimnoTech; 20 years hydrological modeling expertise; multi-variate statistics; 10 years corporate & public water/climate project development

    Michael Davidoff

    Business Development

    Vice President, Senior Investment Officer, Bank of Ann Arbor; Equity Research, Wells Capital Mgmt; Equity Analyst, Thomson Horstmann & Bryant

    Lydia Miller MBA

    Development Partner

    Senior Vice President and portfolio specialist at Dana Investment Advisors; portfolio allocation, risk management, and ESG investment strategies

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