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Unlocking Market Signals

and Asset Risk Valuation

from Environmental Exposure.

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Bridging the Physical

and Financial Worlds

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Identify and quantify financial risk

exposures from environmental

liabilities in equities and portfolio assets.

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Benchmarking Financial risk

for ESG Investments

About Us

We are a private financial technology firm focused on developing financial risk indices aimed at the rapidly growing ($45trn. AUM, assets under management) responsible investment (RI) asset management market.  Our quantitative analytics team is focused on addressing the impact of resource constraints and environmental impacts on asset risk pricing, and asset allocation. The ESG risk metrics are largely non-financial in nature.

Areas of Work

ERA is engaged in bespoke financial risk analysis, risk reporting, and data dissemination for water and other sustainability risk-exposed companies and portfolios across industry sectors.  Provider of customized investment decision solutions for asset managers and insurers through research and risk/investment reports.  Research and investor engagements in the design of alternative betas for portfolio allocations related to ESG investments


Our solutions address the need of the financial services industry to quantify equity risk from water impacts on profit targets and asset valuations using Value-at-Risk-based metrics.  Our proprietary algorithmic models focus on extracting idiosyncratic market signals associated with environmental impacts on business operations, including water, commodities risk, and emissions.  Our API-driven business model leverages these assets to index providers and asset managers.