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Our solutions address the need of the financial services industry to quantify equity risk from water impacts on profit targets and asset valuations using Value-at-Risk-based metrics.  Our proprietary algorithmic models focus on extracting idiosyncratic market signals associated with environmental impacts on business operations, including water, commodities risk, and emissions.  Our API-driven business model leverages these assets to index providers and asset managers.

Our Approach

Our proprietary analytics integrates curated corporate financials and ESG from original data providers (Bloomberg, FactSet, Thomson-Reuters, YCharts, MSCI)  with science-based climate and watershed data (WRI-Aqueduct, WWF Water Risk Filter) and voluntary disclosed corporate sustainability risk information (CDP data, GRI reports, 10K).  Quantitative proprietary models are used to develop equity risk metrics and to design portfolio investment strategies addressing asset valuation and financial volatility risks resulting from operational risk exposures.  Whereas currently most analysis is of the bespoke kind, we are moving to API platforms to sell data to financial services providers and asset managers.

Demo Company Charts

The database samples presented here demonstrate the integration of waterVaR and waterBeta financial metrics with corporate fundamental financials.  Currently only web-based and pdf outputs are available.  The database tool demonstration to be online early 2015.