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Equarius Risk Analytics Ltd (ERA)™

We are a private financial technology firm focused on developing financial risk indices aimed at the rapidly growing ($45trn. AUM, assets under management) responsible investment (RI) asset management market.  Our quantitative analytics team is focused on addressing the impact of resource constraints and environmental impacts on asset risk pricing, and asset allocation. The ESG risk metrics are largely non-financial in nature.   ERAs proprietary risk analytics bridges environmental and financial performance, using VaR-based metrics. Over the past two years, ERA has developed relationships with index providers such as MSCI and Bloomberg, and asset managers such as LeggMason, HSBC, and QS Investors to improve the design and structuring of the data streams and indices for metals, mining and steel industry representatives.

waterVaR methodology

Climate/watershed data 100%
Financial and water resource risk disclosure data 100%
Integration of market data 100%
Meet the Team

Company Background

Equarius Risk Analytics is a privately held firm focused on asset valuation shifts of equities and portfolios exposed to externalities such as resource constraints. The premise, increasingly borne out in market signals, is that externalities are not only impacting the bottom line, but are starting to reverberate in the markets. Whereas there is no generally accepted methodology to directly link environmental and financial performance of companies and portfolios, ERA periodically publishes sector or cross-sector risk briefs based on proprietary risk metrics and rankings.